Wednesday 28 December 2005

Dialogues you rarely hear, no. 1

"Hello, can I have your babies?"

"Why of course!"

"When can we start?"

"How about next Wednesday afternoon, about 4 o'clock?"

"I'm badger-fencing that day, I'm afraid, but I should be home by 7. Any good?"


  1. Ciao. Sono un ragazzo italiano. Non so se puoi capirmi(I don't know if you can understand me)I speak english no well.Di che si parla qui?

  2. After running your comment through Google's translator, I came up with this:

    "Hello. [I am] an Italian boy. I do not know if you can understand (I don't know if you can understand me) I speak english no well. What are you talking about here?"

    This is just an imaginary dialogue that came to me in the middle of the night a few days ago. It's not supposed to be realistic; it's fantastical. If you were confused and baffled by it, that's partly my intention.