Sunday 20 June 2004

Me in the Brighton Pavilion gardens, summer 2002, looking pretty buff Posted by Hello

Me in Brighton after my sister Laura's graduation, summer 2002 Posted by Hello

Skydiving the day before my 20th birthday, 10 May 2003 Posted by Hello

The Whalen Family Singers, drawn by my big sister, Laura (far left); I'm second from the right with the rugby ball; the full line-up is Laura, Gregory, Sandy, Moira, me, and Richard Posted by Hello

Me and Linda, my uncle Trev's girlfriend, summer 2003 Posted by Hello

Wallace & Gromit cheeks Posted by Hello

William Hazlitt: genius Posted by Hello

My parents, Moira and Sandy, in Munich, summer 1999 Posted by Hello

Sunset after dinner in Ayr, summer 2003 Posted by Hello

Blogger/Google/Hello rock!

Dude, Blogger just got a whole lot cooler since they teamed up with Google. This free image hosting is very sweet. I can't believe all this stuff costs nowt! I hope it stays that way...