Sunday 18 January 2004

Got that sinking feeling?

Like gravity, our depression drags us down relentlessly to the ground; so we must learn to get up and walk again. As children riding their first bicycle we may at first be unsteady, but if we learn from that fall, our wounds will heal and harden and we will be better prepared for the next time. There will not always be someone there to comfort us after our fall, kiss our scrapes and stroke away our hot tears; we must become our own parents and guardians, caring for ourselves as much as we would they for us. At times we race alone, knowing not how far in front or behind is the peleton, knowing only that at the top of this next climb there is an end of sorts, followed by another descent and then, perhaps, another mountain; and after that another stage; and then again another Tour, another year, another race, another sport.