Friday 19 August 2005

Oxford Muse portraits

Here are the Oxford Muse portraits I have created:
  • What you can discover if you do not drink or dance: self-portrait (also available here)
  • Why being a hairdresser satisfies the need for perfection: Alan Cooksley
  • How a retired human resources manager copes with being a widower: Brian Edwards
  • What to do with the clutter of life: Chris Fitzgerald [unpublished] :(
  • Why I painted my face, tooth and glasses black: Anna Jackson [unpublished] :(
  • Nobody told me about the starting gun: Why the years from sixty to seventy were the best of my life: Eve Hoare
Other portraits I've encouraged during the creative process:
  • Finding other places: Mark Grimmer [unpublished] :(
  • "How does it matter whether you gain the world or not?": Melanie
  • Over and over again...: Johanna Sohn
To find out more about the Oxford Muse and what it does, visit the website: To join our email conversation group, visit here.

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