Sunday 20 July 2003

Odessa Street

I bumped into this site when I was searching Google about what all the 313 stuff in 8 Mile was about. I suspected that it was the area code for Detroit...and it seems I was right. It also stands for 33 1/3, which is a record speed, innit? Anyway, Lee's sight looks really nice, and has some interesting stuff. That's always the case with bloggs: you could spend all day reading them, prying into people's lives (because they want you to), but I never really do. Like, how many of you are reading this? Oh! You are! Well done...

Thought of the Day

Brought to you by Grandma Death in Donnie Darko: "Every living creature on earth dies alone."

Saturday 19 July 2003

Today of all days

N-n-n-n-n-n-n-n-n-n-ninteen when I was sixteen, but now I'm twenty and nothing.