Wednesday 21 March 2007


Academic: articles in books
Academic: book reviews
  • Review of Karl Beckson, The Religion of Art: A Modernist Theme in British Literature, 1885-1925 (New York: AMS Press, 2006), James Joyce Quarterly, 45.2 (Winter 2008), 377-9 <> [accessed 30 September 2022; subscription required].
  • Review of Sarah Dillon, The Palimpsest: Literature, Criticism, Theory (London and New York: Continuum, 2007), Review of English Studies, 60.244 (2009), 332-4 <> [accessed 30 September 2022; subscription required] (doi:10.1093/res/hgn156).
  • Review of Laura O'Connor, Haunted English: The Celtic Fringe, the British Empire, and De-Anglicization (Baltimore: The Johns Hopkins University Press, 2006), James Joyce Quarterly, 45.1 (Fall 2007), 170-3 <> [accessed 30 September 2022; subscription required].
Academic: journal articles
Academic: conference papers
  • "'What Letter Means Not the Palimpsest': Drafting Shem the Penman", delivered at the "Eire on the Erie" North American James Joyce Conference, Buffalo, New York, USA, 12-17 June 2009.
  • "Gablerizing Error", delivered at the "errears and erroriboose" Zurich James Joyce Foundation Workshop, Switzerland, 3-9 August 2008.
  • "'Piously Forged Palimpsests': The Re-Nascent Quality of Hans Walter Gabler's Synoptic Text of Ulysses", delivered at the XXIst International James Joyce Symposium, Tours, France, 15-20 June 2008.
  • "'Piously Forged Palimpsests': Hans Walter Gabler's Synoptic Text of Ulysses", delivered at the English Graduate Conference, Oxford University, 30 May 2008.
  • "D(a)edalus Retold: James Joyce Rewiting Stephen Hero as A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man", delivered at the Twentieth-Century Research-in-Progress Seminar, Oxford University, 7 May 2007; and "Retelling Tales" postgraduate conference, University of Stirling, 19-20 May 2007.
  • "'A Little Ireland': James Joyce, Dublin and Trieste", delivered at In Medias Res: British-Italian Cultural Transactions, British Academy Colloquium 2: "Exiles and EmigrĂ©s", New Hall, University of Leicester, 13-15 April 2007; and the English graduate conference, Oxford University, 8 June 2007.
  • "Modernism and the Palimpsest", delivered at the MSt 1900-Present Day A-course conference, Oxford University, 2 May 2006.
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Journalism: film reviews
Journalism: sport
Journalism: theatre reviews
Online film reviews
Oxford Muse portraits
  • "What you can discover if you do not drink or dance": self-portrait (also available here) (October 2003).
  • "Why being a hairdresser satisfies the need for perfection": Alan Cooksley (November 2003).
  • "How a retired human resources manager copes with being a widower": Brian Edwards (August 2004).
  • "What to do with the clutter of life": Chris Fitzgerald (December 2004).
  • "Why I painted my face, tooth and glasses black": Anna Jackson (February 2005).
  • "Nobody told me about the starting gun: Why the years from sixty to seventy were the best of my life": Eve Hoare (July 2006).
Some of these are also available in Guide to an Unknown City (Oxford Muse, 2004) and Guide to an Unknown University (Oxford Muse, 2006).

Clippings available on request. Oxford Student and Cherwell articles are badly formatted in the online archives.

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