Friday 24 May 2024

Bicester and Woodstock general election constituency voting projection based on 2 May 2024 district council ward results

There is a general election on Thursday 4 July. I live in the new Bicester and Woodstock constituency. I've always been slightly suspicious and dissatisfied with the way the local parties' leaflets project the vote share, so I thought I'd do it myself using data from the recent district council elections on 2 May 2024. These are the results:

Vote share in the new Bicester and Woodstock constituency based on 2 May 2024 district council elections: Lib Dem 38%, Conservative 29%, Labour 15%, Green 13%, Other + rejected 6%.

  • Lib Dem 38%
  • Conservative 29%
  • Labour 15%
  • Green 13%
  • Other + rejected 6%
The turnout was low at 33%. Here's the underlying data:

Don't forget to register to vote by Tuesday 18 June. And remember you'll need valid photo ID if you want to vote in person. The deadline to apply for a postal vote is Wednesday 19 June.

Please consider voting tactically to stop the Tories winning in your constituency.