Sunday 30 January 2005

Zelig (1983) - ickleReview (DVD)

Spoof documentary in the style of an extended newsreel about Leonard Zelig (Woody Allen), the man-lizard who can change his appearance to blend in with whoever is in his company, from Native American Indians to Chicago gangsters, to negro jazz musicians and French rabbis. Crafted out of archive footage from the Jazz Age of the 1920s, Allen pieces together a zany story with impressive special effects, long before the vaunted "I have to pee" scene from Forrest Gump. Mia Farrow plays Dr Eudora Fletcher, a psychiatrist at the Manhattan Hospital, who diagnoses Zelig as a human chameleon. The jokes are cut from the same vein as Allen's prose pieces for the New Yorker during the 70s. Zelig claims, for example, that he worked with Freud in Vienna: "We broke over the concept of penis envy. Freud felt that it should be limited to women."

Nugget: same old, same old, but in a new skin. He'll never shed it, nor should he.

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