Wednesday 12 January 2005

You know what they say about men with big feet...

..."I'm sorry, we don't go up to a size 12."

Tried going shoe shopping yesterday. Went to a few shops in town (about three), looking for a pair of gutties, skate shoes or something retro, something I could wear everyday with everything. Packed it in quite swiftly because I figured nowhere else would have anything that I liked in my size. They seem to think that mingin' black and red Vans suit everyone my size. We're not all metal skaterboys who only wear black jeans and Morbid Angel tees.*

My current Cons have been given that daily treatment and are looking a bit out of puff after 15 months on the go. There's a hole about two and a half inches long, which gives my right pinky toe plenty of breathing space. There have also been worn away bits of cloth at my heals for much longer than that.

I did get summat in the end, but had to use our old geekfriend, t'internet. In the unlikely event that you want to be like me, you can copy my "style" below.

* Thanks to my brother for providing the stereotype and my sister, Laura, for the illustration.

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