Sunday 26 December 2004

Sea of Love (1989) - ickleReview (DVD)

Al Pacino cop movie. What are you thinking?! Of course Ally P. rocks. That goes without saying. Some killer likes shooting middle-aged taxpayers in the back of the head while they are getting down to some face-down self-love listening to an old record, "The Sea of Love". Pacino gets assigned to the case along with John Goodman. Pacino's character is a divorcee who drinks. Like Any Given Sunday, he's a lonely wee man who tries to find himself in the bottom of a cut glass. Then they devise a scheme to catch the killer by placing similar rhyming ads in the lonely hearts column of a New York magazine. Follow a series of dates in which Pacino and Goodman must woo the suspected lady-killer into giving them prints on her wine glass. Needless to say, the killer isn't who the film tries to make you think it is.

There are some good wee side stories, like the elderly single woman who looks just as lonely as Pacino, but whom he will obviously never call because he's on a job and he's just trying to be nice to her. They aren't developed, though. That would be another movie.

Nugget: a little eighties dated, but Pacino never disappoints.

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