Sunday 19 December 2004

Chris Jericho

I moved into my new house in Jericho today. First time I've been properly independent from any institution: family, boarding school, college. Only staying here one night: flying home to Munich tomorrow for the winter solstice. Will settle in and unpack when I get back here in the new year. Haven't even got a duvet, so it's the ol' sleeping bag for tonight, and maybe the first night back in January.

1 comment:

  1. Congrats on the new house. Independence is a good thing--I felt great when I got my first job "on my own" this year (i.e. without some sort of connection in the company).
    When I hear the word Jericho, I think of the Christian spritual made popular by Elvis: "Joshua fought the battle of Jericho and the walls came tumbling dowwwwww-wwwwwnnnn"...hehehe
    Happy holidays!