Friday 24 December 2004

Down by Law (1986) - ickleReview (DVD)

Jim Jarmusch movie. A pimp and a radio DJ are set up by separate enemies and end up in the same prison cell, later to be joined by Roberto Benigni, who somewhat steals the show in his pigeon English, dimwit dumbfuck sort of way. Shot in black and white, this looked a bit dodgy on DVD - rainbow flickers kept warbling on the screen. Tom Waits is pretty good as the radio DJ. A good companion piece to Jarmusch's latest release, Coffee and Cigarettes, some of which was shot around the same time in the mid-eighties, but wasn't finished until about a year ago.

Nugget: Would look better from a cinema projector; but let's face it, what wouldn't?


  1. Benigni kills me... but I get your point. What you don't like about Down by Law you won't find in one of Jarmusch's earliest films. Check out Stranger than Paradise and see if you don't find choking the alligator a more fulfilling cinematographic experience.