Wednesday 15 December 2004

How good is "Dracula"?

Bram Stoker's late-nineteenth-century novel Dracula is supposedly one of the great gothic works of literature. (Perhaps an oxymoron.) In a recent review of a biography of Bram Stoker in the London Review of Books, Terry Eagleton points to this sentence in surprise (in truth, it's a bit of a duffer): "Mina came into the room with an easy gracefulness which would at once command the respect of any lunatic". I still laugh whenever I read that.


  1. Please provide us with an update on the wellbeing of Ms. Diddums-Smythe. We are all very concerned for her health upon hearing your recent difficulties with the Pot Noodle Snack product. And I do hope they provide you with a valuable money-saving coupon for your next purchase of Pot Noodle. ;)
    (Do they *really* have a "pornographic" ad campaign???? We don't have Pot Noodle over here, but those kinds of ads get buried deep in a Cable TV special called "The World's Sexiest Commercials...Uncensored" that gets shown at about 3AM...)

  2. I posted the link to the Pot Noodle website in the comments underneath the Pot Noodle post. Here it is again, although it won't be hyperlinked, so you'll have to cut and paste it into your address bar. There's been no reply to the letter as yet. Ms Diddums-Smythe is on edge, but just about holding things together.