Sunday 18 August 2002


Woke up in time for lunch today. Richard was too tired to do our weights session together. We'll do it tomorrow. Began reading Empson, as I had planned.

Moira left for the UK to look after her brother, Vernon, who has just been in a nasty car crash: he joined the motorway in the wrong direction and swerved off the road to avoid the oncoming traffic. Both him, Dawn and the girls all have broken bones. Anyhews, so she'll be gone for another week. Sandy's back at work tomorrow.

Watched the special features on my Stand By Me DVD. It's such a great film; a real coming of age story; supremely acted, cast, directed and put together. It was a real bargain at only GBP 6.80. Tried to watch Wag the Dog with Richard, but the DVD kept skipping, which got really annoying after a while, so we gave up.

The best thing today was talking to Gregory after dinner; or to be more precise, I was asking all the questions. He had been drinking beer since breakfast time, so he was far more talkative than usual. I found out that he's going back to Scotland in September to complete the fourth and final year of his Film and Media Studies degree at Stirling. He's more concerned with the American Football, however, which he really got into last year. He's meeting his old buddy, Gunnar, in Belgium, and then they are driving over to Scotland together from there.

Don't really have too much of note to report, other than that. Book and bed, methinks.

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