Thursday 22 August 2002


Felt a bit stiff this morning after yesterday's rugby training, so I took a 45-minute cycle ride and then had a bath. Went to the post office to buy a stamp for that returned letter. I accidentally said 41 pfennig instead of cents, but the guy behind the counter still knew what I was talking about. That always happens when I try to rehearse what I'm going to say. Bought some toiletries and got some lunch from the baker's.

Had pizza for dinner because Sandy and Gregory were going out to the cinema to see About A Boy, which Richard and I have already seen. (Sandy didn't enjoy it, but I thought it was Hugh Grant's strongest performance so far. It was a shame that the film cut out most of Ellie's character; she was the best thing about the book, reminding me a lot of my sister, Laura, who turns 22 tomorrow.)

Went out to the Englischer Garten with Richard and McCaig after dinner to play frisbee and then have a drink at the beer garden underneath the Chinesische Turm. We finished off by playing this game where we stood in a triangle and had to stay still without flinching while one guy tried to hit the other guy with the frisbee. (We've been watching way too much Jackass, methinks.)

The guy who injured himself at rugby yesterday actually did break his leg. He has already had to pay 2000 Euros for his treatment, so our coach has suggested that we have a whip round to help him out. I'll probably contribute about 20 Euros.

Bonus notches, me amigos.

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