Monday 19 August 2002

Can't Get No Credit

A strange one today: woke up after 5pm. A bit bewildered throughout the day. Didn't do much as a result. Barbecued for dinner. Sandy accused me of being lazy for not wanting to cook the barbecue (I did it anyway). Little did he know that earlier in the day, as well as hang the washing out to dry, I had put the clean dishes from the dishwasher back in the cupboard and fetched up all the drinks from the cellar to restock the fridge. Even though he was quite justified (I really couldn't be bothered helping out before dinner), it still put me in a sulky mood. I dropped a beef burger from the grill and spilt most of my Coke while I was cooking, but at least our friendly hedgehog, Tim (because he's so timid), will have a nice midnight feast.

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