Wednesday 21 August 2002

Mr Grumpy

2pm was a little better today. Watched Billy Connolly for breakfast: always a good way to start the day. Then Sandy came home from work and was in a bad mood. He hadn't slept well the night before, his bike wheel wasn't ready because the people in the shop were still waiting for a part, he came home from work early and wanted an early dinner because he had work to do, and, to make things worse, we hadn't emptied the dishwasher! ::Oh no!:: He said, "Haven't you got hands?!", which I thought was a rather clumsy observation. (I declined to point that out to him, however.) I avoided him by putting out the washing to dry (which I should have done before he came home) and then had a shower and got dressed in time for dinner.

Richard and I went to the video shop in the evening. We got out a weird-ass film called Gummo, by the same director who made Kids. ("I have no legs...") This one was a bit too weird and fucked up. Sandy might have enjoyed it, however, because they went around killing cats. The other video we got was an Eddie Murphy stand-up gig in Washington D.C. in 1983 called "Delirious". Methinks Richard enjoyed his other one, "Raw", more.

I'm going rugby training (if I'm up in time for 5.30pm) tomorrow. I won't be surprised if I puke. I have a tendency to do thus during my first proper fitness session of the new season. (I wonder if I'll see any carrots...)

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