Saturday 30 December 2006

Gosford Park (2001) - ickleReview (DVD)

Outstanding Robert Altman comic drama set in 1932. A shooting party takes place at an English country house. Servants make preparations belowstairs gossiping about their masters' squabbles above. A huge ensemble cast shines with innumerable layers of intrigue so subtly conveyed. The snobbish hierarchy of the aristocracy is mimicked if not outdone by the servants' stuffy conventions belowstairs. Wonderful performances by Helen Mirren as the perfect head servant Mrs Wilson, Maggie Smith as a wickedly snobbish old dame, Alan Bates as the butler, Jennings, and Richard E. Grant as a swaggering footman - amongst many other superb characters.

Nugget: it's almost a shame there had to be a murder, so enthralling are the intertwining storylines of servants and masters.

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  1. The opening 20 minutes is bewildering but you slowly begin to understand what’s going on and begin to see the power plays. Still a terrific film on a rewatch.