Tuesday 2 January 2007

Sleeper (1973) - ickleReview (video)

Woody Allen comedy sci-fi film set 200 years in the future. Woody has been cryogenically frozen after a routine operation went wrong. He is brought back to life illegally by scientists of the future and asked to identify a number of mysterious objects and photographs, including chattering teeth, Lenin, and Nixon, whose Watergate scandal has been erased from history. Allen is hunted as an alien and disguises himself as Diane Keaton's domestic help robot.

Sleeper is notably smoother than Allen's previous films Bananas (1971) and Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Sex* But Were Afraid to Ask (1972), but it still has the occasional abruptly cut scene. In the second half Allen and Keaton appear to be improvising and their anger is either supremely acteed or genuine between them.

Nugget: the beginning of Allen's more accomplished, wittier period, but still slapsticky and with the familiar jazz score.

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