Thursday 21 April 2005

Lines On The Marriage Of Charles, Prince of Wales, to Mrs Camilla Parker Bowles

by the Poet Laureate, Andrew Motion

I took your news
Into my garden space
(Which is basically a garden
But sounds more poetic)
To think what I could
Say in a poem.

Because that is my job.
I have to write poems on
These occasions.

So, as I said,
I took your news
Into my garden space.

The flowers are blossoming
Like your romance.
There are new shoots
Growing below
The dirty laundry line
Of scandal.

That's a metaphor, you see -
Green shoots are like
Blossoming flowers.
They signify a new

A new beginning. Yes.
That's what the poem needs.
And probably a new end.

But, apart from that, I
Think it's quite good.

© Andrew GoingThroughTheMotions
(from Private Eye)

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