Saturday 9 April 2005


On the front page of the Independent on Wednesday (the day after the general election date of 05.05.05 was announced), there was a photo of the leaders of the three main parties, and below each, a soundbite on the "big choice". Here's what Charles Kennedy, leader of the Liberal Democracts was quoted as saying:

"I think British politics is at a potentially pivotal turning point and I think the Liberal Democrats are absolutely central to that equation."

Now read that again. It sounded alright first time round didn't it?

Pivotal turning point: show me a turning point that isn't pivotal.

And if the Lib Dems are to be absolutely central to that equation, doesn't that mean in equilibrium: that there won't be any change? After all, what else is central to an equation (e.g. x=3) but an equals sign?

Much as I love Kennedy and what he stands for, that was a pretty tautological, mixed metaphorical piece of pish to come out with as your opening campaign message. He wouldn't look out of place in a booky of Bushisms.

Or is it the Independent's fault for selecting such a shitey quotation?

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