Monday 15 October 2007

Carbon Commentary, issues 2 and 3

The third edition of the Carbon Commentary Newsletter, which I proof-read, typeset, and upload for Chris Goodall, was published today. You can read it here:

"This fortnight's edition covers topics as diverse as Bjørn Lomborg's new book, BT's energy efficient data centres, and the fiercely argued issues of the Severn barrage and biofuels. I look at the government's main environmental proposals in the Pre-Budget review, saying that Air Passenger Duty will probably remain in its current form. In an article on the problems that the Advertising Standards Authority faces in holding back the tide of half-true green advertising, I confess to complaining about Ford advertising of its Flexi-Fuel cars, only to get hopelessly bogged down in science I barely understand."

You can read the second edition from 1 October here:

"It looks at questions as diverse as UK consumer behaviour, the prototype Ceres Power domestic CHP boiler and climate modification by geo-engineering."

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