Wednesday 10 October 2007

Time and the Art of Living

I read a joyfully thought-provoking and optimistic essay by Roman Krznaric today on "Time and the Art of Living". I posted my comments about it here on Roman's blog, Outrospection. I hope it will change my attitude and behaviour towards time; I am already thinking differently about it. The essay mentions the Long Now Foundation, which I mentioned in my post on "Event Horizon" by Antony Gormley. It was a privilege to be able to speak to the author shortly after I'd read the essay. I have the urge to recommend it to lots of people, but I know we sometimes resent when other people tell us what we should be doing with our time and what we could be reading. So I'll just leave it here, slid slightly towards you, on a table in the middle of the Information Superhighway.

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