Tuesday 18 September 2007

Carbon Commentary: A critical appraisal of issues in the move to a low-carbon economy

The website I have been setting up, designing, tweaking, proof-reading, and customizing on behalf of Chris Goodall, the Green Party's Prospective Parliamentary Candidate for Oxford West and Abingdon (and husband of my Hertford College tutor and current OED research project leader, Dr Charlotte Brewer), officially went live today. It's called Carbon Commentary.

Here is how Chris Goodall introduces the first email newsletter (for which the site is built):

"[Carbon Commentary] aims to provide an opinionated appraisal of the main themes in the halting moves towards a low-carbon world. It will analyse the main stories from the world of climate change during the previous fortnight, focusing on the implications for the UK. It is written to be read, and enjoyed, by a wide but scientifically literate audience."

You can read the newsletter online here, or download the PDF version here (printer-friendly with full-length articles).

Any comments, either here or there, are most welcome. Please spread the word to any interested parties.

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