Thursday 13 September 2007

Bike bastard

The Radcliffe Square bike bastard (for it is he) has returned. I noticed today that the bottle-holder had been stolen from my bike. It had to be unscrewed, so this thief must be really desperate. It might have happened in Jericho as I'm having to lock my bike outside at the moment because the scaffolding makes it too difficult to get past round the side to our garden shed. But I prefer to think it's the same person as before, since this isn't the only time some rascal has taken an interest in Walter (my biped's moniker, because it's a Raleigh). When I was an undergraduate, someone nicked all the spanners out of my corner bag (which I no longer use as a result). And then there was this one time I went to London and someone left me a malicious Post-It note on my saddle as a nice surprise.

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