Sunday 25 March 2007

Chocolat (2000) - ickleReview (TV)

Sweet film set in a pious Catholic French village. The comte (Alfred Molina) compels his citizens to fast during Lent. A mother and child arrive and turn the empty patisserie into a chocolaterie, bringing passion and courage back into the lives of the villagers with their secret recipes.

Juliette Binoche is wonderfully charismatic as the chocolate-maker traveller, befriending the friendless, bringing people together, blessing with compassion (not unlike Amélie but with less subterfuge). Judi Dench is reliably accomplished as a grumpy old lady who is forbidden by her daughter (Carrie-Anne Moss) from seeing her grandson. Chocolate brings out the best in people. Johnny Depp then shows up to provide the third act complication and love interest.

A charming film, which seems to have been hack-sawed in the editing room. Characters disappear for longish sections - or are not fully dealt with e.g. in their reaction to a death.

Nugget: sweet like chocolate.

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