Sunday 14 May 2006

Where am I heading?

Posted by Picasa Michael Kenna, "Plank Walk", Morecambe, Lancashire, England, 1992


  1. I like the picture (I'm a sucker for sepia). Is it yours?

    You may know that moment in the second chapter of Ulysses where Stephen Dedalus asks the class what a pier is; when they cannot answer, he says, "A disappointed bridge." That's the first thing that popped into mind when I saw this.

  2. No, alas, it's not mine. It was a birthday card from my parents. I would have given an attribution if I could have found one. Didn't want to unstick the card from it's backing (which I've now just done). Not quite as idyllic when you know it's Morecambe. And not a cockle-picker in sight (probably all under water). It's not really sepia either. It just came out that way from the scanner.

    I didn't think of that moment from Ulysses. Thanks for reminding me. I see it as more of a Gatsby thing, looking toward the green light.