Sunday 14 May 2006

X-Men (2000) - ickleReview (TV)

Good, watchable piece of comic book fun with Hugh Jackman excelling as Wolverine. In the not too distant future, mutants are causing controversy. Senator Kelly (unfortunate name: maybe that's why the Democrats lost in 2004) is an outspoken opponent of mutant rights, aiming to expel them and expose them like bogus asylum-seekers or paedophiles. Anna Paquin plays Rogue, whose special power is consuming another person's energy whenever they touch her skin. When she touches another mutant, she momentarily adopts their special powers. Somehow, and quite impressively, she manages to feel an outsider even amongst the mutants, who are curried up together in a special training academy run by wheelchair-bound telepathist Professor Charles Xavier (Patrick Stewart). There are, of course, baddies, and baddies within the goodies, and a big showdown at the end set on Ellis Island, New York.

Nugget: didn't mean to watch all of this, but it dragged me into it with its rasping humour.

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