Thursday 28 October 2004

The Devil's Advocate (1997) - ickleReview (HD)

Lawyers lie and are prepared to sell their soul to win the big case, and a case full of money...or at least they do in Hollywood movies, where trials are always exciting. Keanu Reeves is the hotshot criminal attorney (what an appropriate, tautological phrase), Kevin Lomax, from Florida, who's headhunted by John Milton's New York law firm. Milton, as we should know from Paradise Lost, is going to be on Lucifer's side.

Things start to go weird when Mrs Lomax (Charlize Theron) gets lonely when hubby doesn't spend enough time with her. To compensate, she goes out shopping with a couple of the other wives. The script loses its plausibility along with the dodgy computer generated effects; only Al Pacino - with a voice like maple syrup dripped over a bed of rusty nails - stands up against the torrent of torrid, horrid writing. Not surprisingly, Reeves and Theron can't pull off the melodramatic acting that is required of them. It climaxes with Lomax having what could be described as a pretty bad day at the office...then he wakes up. Come on, dude! I wrote better endings to my stories in primary school!

Nugget: ever noticed that "lawyer" sounds like "liar" from the tongue of a broad New Yorker? As ever, Al Pacino is worth a look and listen.

Note: "HD" stands for "hard drive", where this movie used to reside. ::Shhh!!:: It's okay, it's now been deleted.

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