Monday 11 October 2004

Red Lights (aka Feux Rouges) (2004) - ickleReview (cinema)

A French thriller about a married couple driving south from Paris to pick up their kids from summer camp. They meet after work. He drinks too much on the sly, suspects she's having an affair, drives recklessly, stops off on the way for more drinks. They row. Then she goes missing. An escaped convict is on the loose. It happens.

Brilliantly made film, deliciously paced. Some splendid shots of driving on the road at night. There's something filmic about being on the road. Think David Lynch or the "Karma Police" Radiohead video. I read somewhere that the director C├ędric Kahn was someone to look out for: he most certainly is. Sustained and often humorous performance by Jean-Pierre Darroussin as the drunken husband.

Nugget: A demonstration that the genre movie can still be pulled off with panache.

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