Friday 6 August 2010

Things that suck about my iPad

I was given an iPad my employer, Torchbox (yay! and thank you very much indeed!). I've been playing around with it for the first time this evening. I do like it and I don't want to seem ungrateful...but...I have found a number of things about it that bug me:
  1. It can't play Flash. Duh!
  2. iPhone apps look stupidly small on it.
  3. Every time you click "Show More" apps in the App Store on the iPad and then install an app, you are forced out of the App Store and have to click "Show More" again to get back to where you were on the list of top free iPad apps.
  4. The Twitter and Facebook apps sucks. I much prefer TweetDeck for iPad, although when I first installed it, it repeatedly closed itself down before I could eventually set up my Twitter account.
  5. The keyboard labels don't toggle between lower and uppercase as they do on my Android HTC Desire.
  6. Worst of all, iTunes thinks I have authorized more than 5 computers and doesn't make it easy to deauthorize old computers that I can't deauthorize individually because I don't have them anymore! Besides, I've only ever authorized iTunes on two laptops. I'm nervous about deauthorizing all of my computers in case I wipe stuff I want to keep or can no longer play music I downloaded on iTunes.
I thought Apples were supposed to give a brilliant user experience. Can't say I'm much of a fanboy yet. I expect this list to grow from its original six items.


  1. Interesting thoughts. My thoughts:

    2. Well, they are apps built for the iPhone screen! You can press the zoom button to fill the iPad screen, which works well for most. Most decent apps (of those I have at any rate) are being updated to work nicely on iPad too. But it's up to various developers rather than an iPad failing

    3. Totally agree. The apps store on any platform is a bad user experience, and especially on iPad

    4. Not a reason the iPad sucks, surely: there are plenty of bad apps built by various devs, just as there are good ones. Facebook app I agree is bad, and I use the website in safari instead. But I don't like facebook itself as a user experience :-)

    5. i'd never thought about that actually. That could be a nice update

    6. Deauthorise all machines. You only need to authorise ones you want to use again by signing into iTunes - worked fine, I've found

  2. Hi Bryan,

    Thanks for your comments.

    2. The Twitter and Facebook iPhone apps pixellate when they are doubled in size. I've tended to avoid iPhone apps.

    6. Deauthorizing all machines did the trick, although you're only allowed to do that once a year. I still get a lot of warning dialogues whenever I sync. I'm sure I'll figure it out and get used to it once I've set everything up how I want it.

    Really been enjoying it at home this evening listening to maracatu and reading Wikipedia and emails over dinner.

    My Android HTC Desire had its teething troubles, too. Overall, I'm a very happy and lucky bunny!