Tuesday, 10 August 2010

More things that suck about my iPad

  1. It won't charge over the USB of my Dell Inspiron 1525.
  2. Some text boxes, e.g. when you're editing a Wikipedia entry in Safari, don't have a scroll bar when the text extends below the fold.
  3. Google Apps email accounts are harder to set up than they should be.
  4. How are you supposed to send email attachments e.g. if you want to email yourself a number of screenshots you've taken using the iPad's nifty screenshot function do you have to send them one by one using the Photos app and the Mail client?
  5. The iPod app doesn't let me sort my podcasts by release date or title - or if it does, I haven't figure it out yet. (User experience, anyone?)
The list has grown from six to eleven! On the whole, I am pretty computer savvy and usually don't have too much trouble figuring out how to use things, but the iPad (and Apple generally) aren't as intuitive as I was led to believe they were.


  1. ...but you can play the Hammond on it, which basically negates all your points: http://hammondista.com/post/936328445/better-tell-god

    (except the scrollbar one - that's annoying ;)

  2. Multi Photo emails: In Camera Roll press the little arrow button, tap on each photo you want, then press the Share button and you can email or mms (but not tweet... grrr....).

    Well, that's how it works on the iPhone. There is a very tedious limit of 5 photos BTW.

  3. @Ben Walker: But you underestimate my Scottishness: I don't want to pay for my apps. Not even £1.79.

    @tomRedox: Thanks for the tip. Yeah, works the same way on an iPad.