Saturday 24 April 2010

Geek, dweeb, dork, or nerd?

Image source: BuzzFeed.

I'm coming to terms with the realization that I'm a geek. This nifty Venn diagram makes me feel a little better about it since it could have been worse: I could have been a dork! Although I'm at times socially awkward, I don't quite reach into social ineptitude and - falling heavy objects permitting - I at least have my intelligence. I'm tickled by the fact that a Venn diagram is such a geeky way to display this information, but it does describe the subtle differences between these social categories so much better than words can. I wonder, however, whether this Venn diagram was designed by a geek, since geeks come out of it so favourably.

Thanks to @Dr_Whut for sharing this on Jabber team chat at work.

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