Sunday 6 April 2008

Carbon Commentary, issue 9

Chris Goodall has changed the way he writes Carbon Commentary. Instead of publishing six articles together in a newsletter every fortnight, he writes them as irregular blog posts as and when the need arises. This is because he is busy writing another book: Ten Technologies to Save the Planet. The articles are still being collected and sent as a newsletter, and this week I produced the latest issue. It contains pieces on recent trends in UK domestic electricity consumption; the adverse effect that the government's active support for nuclear power is having on the prospects for offshore wind; BT's inaccurate claims about the power consumption of its home phones; the overblown promises of a company raising money to build ethanol-from-wheat refineries; and a report on a presentation given by scientist Roy Spencer to a conference of climate change sceptics.

You can read the newsletter in its excerpted format here; or download the printer-friendly PDF version here.

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