Sunday 6 April 2008

Charlton Heston's hands are cold and dead (at last)

As is generally the case these days, I learnt of Charlton Heston's death through Facebook a few minutes ago (this also happened with my friends' RIP status updates about Heath Ledger). Wouldn't it have been sweet poetic justice if he had been shot dead by one of those dark-skinned immigrant types? You know, the ones he needed a gun to protect himself against, as he claimed in Bowling for Columbine? "From my cold, dead hands," eh?


  1. YIKES! You are one angry film critic. Who knew that "Palimpsesting in James Joyce" was so upsetting.

  2. Prior to his NRA involvement Heston was one of the few actors who marched FOR minority civil rights in the U.S. against the establishment.

    I know -- it is so easy to stereotype when you have already made up your mind, and not done the research.

  3. Notice how the post is labelled and compare it to the tone of other posts with the same label on this blog. Then look up craic if you don't know what it means.

    Thanks for your interest and for, in some sense, putting me right. I didn't realize Charlton Heston was involved in civil rights protests. I'm prejudiced because Michael Moore made him look so bad, plus I remember thinking Ben-Hur was one of the most boring films I'd ever seen when I was a kid.

    I've never seen any reason for people to carry guns or go hunting. But then I live in a relatively non-violent society.