Saturday 18 August 2007

5 years old today!

This blog is five years old today, which probably makes it considerably more longevous than most other blogs, which crash and burn as their authors lose interest or create another one, although I'll have to admit I've only been posting with any sort of regularity (once every three days or so on average) since the summer 2004 when I finished my undergraduate degree at Oxford. It's not the first time I have marked the occasion: I did so in 2005. I thought I'd select one of my better or more significant posts from each year of its existence to give you an idea of how it started and how it has progressed over the years. You could do this for yourself by browsing through the archives.

2002: my first ever blog post (written in Munich five years ago to the day)
2003: some poor wee kid I saw at the football (written in Ayr)
2004: my first ickleReview (written in my temporary room in Hertford's Old Ab annexe during the long post-Finals summer)
2005: that letter I got from Pot Noodle (written in Oxford at KR3)
2006: that time I got a bit carried away with Beatles song titles (written at KR3)
2007: the day Broad Street was on fire (written at the Waltons in Ox)

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