Sunday 5 September 2004


Buddy Rich not only plays the drums like Animal, he looks like Animal. Posted by Hello

Now see the video evidence.

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  1. Hey there...found your blog after reading your self-portrait on the Oxford Muse site. (I'm about to start at Oxford in October--St. Catz, MSt European Lit.) Cool site, cool self-portrait. I agreed with a lot of the things you had to say, and I think my college experience has been very similar to yours as a result.
    I noticed you were an intern at the Oxford Muse, do you still work with them? Looks interesting...if I am not completely overwhelmed cramming an entire Master's Degree into the course of nine months, then maybe I will see if I can volunteer.
    Anyway, I don't usually write comments to random people I don't know, but I thought I would just drop in and say hi. Congrats on finishing your degree and good luck with whatever you decide to do, and maybe I'll see you around Oxford.
    Kaitlin (USA)