Wednesday 1 September 2004

Hello Picasa

Okay, so I wish I hadn't posted so many pics of me when I set up Hello on this site. It's really nifty and everything, but photos of me, generally speaking, are not. It's a bit weird putting photos of me on my own site. Loser. Well, winner at some things, but not this one. Wooden spoon, anyone?

I could just edit them out, but I've got this karma thing going where it would be bad vibes, man, to take anything away that has already been posted. It'd be like erasing history, fiddling with my archives, which is what Big Brother does (George Orwell's, not Endemol's, dummy), not innocent little me, just having an ickle bit of bloggery experimenting fun.

(If I had put "experimental fun" there, it would seem like I only have fun on a trial basis. Three bits of fun at a time for £14.99 a month, 21 days' free trial, cancel any time.)

So anyway, I'm trying to write more posts so that the pics disappear from the front page. Again, I could just change the settings, but I don't want to have to fork out for another Feng Shui consultation.

(A little Googling to check the spelling and capitalization of "Feng Shui" brought up a hit from The Feng Shui Society, based in Brighton. Could it have been anywhere else? I think not.)

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