Wednesday 28 September 2011

The key to a successful sale

Rule #1: Make sure the person whose house you're offering to sell is the owner.

Scan of an unsolicited direct mail shot from Carter Jonas estate agents
The unsolicited direct mail shot I received from Carter Jonas.

I received an unsolicited direct mail shot (see above) from Carter Jonas today, addressed to me. Usually it's just "To the Owner". I was amused by their claim of "knowing our local area inside out", so I wrote them a friendly email:

From: Christopher Whalen [email removed]
Date: 28 September 2011 20:25
Subject: The key to a successful sale
To: [email protected]

Dear Carter Jonas,

You sent me a direct mail flyer today. I'd thank you if I was grateful, but I'm not, so I won't. Please remove me from your mailing lists.

You claim: "We pride ourselves on knowing our local area inside out". I guess you don't know it as well as you think you do. I live in a private rented house owned by Lucy Properties, so even if I did want to sell it, I wouldn't be allowed because I don't own it. Surely you know that most of Walton Well Road is owned and let out by Lucy Properties.

How did you get my name in the first place? I'm not on the edited electoral register.

As I said, please remove me from your mailing lists. Thanks.

Yours aye,
Christopher Whalen
[address removed]


  1. *Chuckles* We quite often get those too. I have been tempted to actually try and sell the house..... :)

  2. The only house one should sell with good intentions (and good conscience) is obviously someone else's house. :-/