Friday 13 February 2009

Sexing a tap

My kitchen tap: is it male or female?

I want to buy an aerator for my kitchen tap to improve the flow of water and make it soft like all those lovely taps in Zurich, Switzerland (it also reduces water consumption by up to 60%), but I don't know which kind to buy: male or female. This website says:
For taps with a thread on the outside you need a Female Aerator. For taps with the thread on the inside you need a Male aerator.
Does this mean my tap is female? I wouldn't call that a thread and I don't think I could unscrew it.

Can you help?


  1. I've established that my tap is female and therefore needs a male aerator.

  2. The way to tell the sex of your tap is easy when you know how (and quite logical). This is how TomMelee put it on Ask MeFi: "if something sticks in it, it's female. If it sticks in something, it's male."