Monday 29 December 2008

Frankie Boyle Live (2008) - ickleReview (DVD)

A live recording of Frankie Boyle's stand-up comedy gig at the Hackney Empire. Unfortunately for Christmas purchasers, he uses most of this material in his appearance on BBC's Live at the Apollo first broadcast on 19 December. Many of his jokes were also first heard on Mock the Week, where Frankie made his name and established a reputation for bad-taste jokes to rival Jimmy Carr. The gig is a success and is funny even if familiar. He spends quite a bit of time talking directly to the audience and slagging off what they do for a living, sometimes dovetailing with the material he has prepared.

The DVD includes a few extras of his tour of Scotland and his sketches from Rush Hour, in which he plays a roadside recovery worker who tells his customers what he thinks about their lives.

Nugget: foul-mouthed bad-taste jokes from the sarcastic ginger Scotsman.

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