Tuesday 25 March 2008

Zoolander (2001) - ickleReview (DVD)

Silly film about male models and the fashion industry. Ben Stiller is Derrick Zoolander, three-times winner of Male Model of the Year, who is recruited by evil fashion designer Mugatu (Will Ferrell) to assissinate the new Malaysian prime minister, who has promised to stop child labour and hence disrupt Mugatu's supply chain of cheap sweat-shop materials. Zoolander is first humiliated, and then assisted, by Time magazine journalist Matilda Jeffries (Christine Taylor) and upcoming "he's so hot right now" male model Hansel (Owen Wilson). The film includes lots of celebrity cameos, including Victoria Beckham, Natalie Portman, Lenny Kravitz, Gwen Stefani, Paris Hilton, David Bowie, Winona Ryder, Billy Zane, and many others.

Nugget: get your popcorn ready. Occasionally hilarious and eminently quotable amongst friends.

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