Sunday 23 March 2008

Radio Days (1987) - ickleReview (HD)

Woody Allen film set in the early 1940s when life revolved around the radio. Allen narrates a string of nostalgic, loosely related stories about a Jewish family from Rockaway, New York, which involve the radio in some way. The jazz soundtrack is pretty much non-stop. The cast includes Julie Kavner (the voice of Marge Simpson), Dianne Wiest, Mia Farrow, and in smaller roles Larry David (as a Communist neighbour), Jeff Daniels, Diane Keaton, and William H. Macy. The period details are pervasive. As there's no real plot, the last third of the film drags a little, even though the running time is only 88 minutes.

Nugget: not one of the best or the funniest in Woody Allen's oeuvre, but still good stuff, especially for the soundtrack.

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