Tuesday 29 August 2006

A Bug's Life (1998) - ickleReview (TV)

Pixar animation about a colony of ants who live on an island, terrorized by grasshoppers, who demand they provide food for them. Flik (voiced by Dave Foley) is a clumsy, unpopular male ant who keeps messing things up. He is sent away for knocking over the huge stockpile of food the ants had prepared as an offering for the grasshoppers. Hopper (Kevin Spacey), the leader of the grasshoppers, orders the ants to gather twice as much food by the time the last leaf falls at the end of the summer. Flik ventures to the city to look for help and finds it in a rag-bag of failed circus performers, including a German catterpillar called Heimlich (Joe Ranft), a gender-conflicted ladybird called the suitably unisex name Francis (Denis Leary), and a stick insect called Slim (David Hyde Pierce), butt of many jokes e.g. slapstick after being slapped, who return to the ant colony with him to fight against the grasshoppers.

Nugget: not the best Pixar movie. Roughly level with The Incredibles (2004) for laughs and Monsters, Inc. (2001) for character appeal, but nowhere near the standard of Toy Story 2, which remains my favourite.

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