Sunday 1 January 2006

Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Sex* But Were Afraid to Ask (1972) - ickleReview (video)

Woody Allen movie. Compilation of sketches inspired by Dr David Reuben's sex book. Loosely coheres, but might have been more successful - as much of the humour is verbal* - if it had remained in prose. There is a delicious parody of Hamlet by Allen as a medieval court jester: "TB or not TB, that is congestion. Consumption be done about it? Of cough, of cough. But it takes a lung, lung time." Most inventive sketch is about what happens during ejaculation, for which the production designer (Dale Hennesy) creates a Kubrickian laboratory of the brain and the body's various organs, operated by men dressed in white suits. Allen plays a sperm (probably what this movie is famour for). Oh, and the giant, killer tit.

Nugget: not Allen's best: didn't laugh at loud as much as I had expected.

* Compare the Little Britain radio series with its conversion to TV: it worked much better on the radio because the imagination had to work harder to picture the characters. On TV, it's just a repeated gimmick of two funny-looking guys dressed up, often in women's clothes, which gets more than a little tedious after a while.

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