Monday 14 March 2005

Quibble till you wobble, wibble

Whilst not being acceptable for academic work (note that you should still denote book and film titles with italics in the Review section), the Guardian style guide is a useful reference to look up when you're in doubt. Remember, however, that I am always right, unless I decide to change my mind. (But I'd probably had that turncoat planned anyway, so don't bother pointing it out.) It even allows you to download it in Word or PDF format. Glad to see that "email" has no hyphen. I wonder why they think "okay" isn't OK. I started spelling it out when someone asked me why I was shouting at them in a text. Someone else might boggle why I keep making reference to the American state of Oklahoma (and someone involved in the bombing might take offence, or go on offense if they're into their college football). Make up your mind Sooners rather than later.

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