Monday 30 August 2004

Morning pages

I'm not sure whether I should start writing my morning pages on here. Go look up Julia Cameron if you don't know what I'm talking about. I've got a few problems with doing them here: 1) They're not supposed to be read by anyone, not even me. 2) How do I know when I've written three pages, when this baby is all one big long, stretchy page. 3) If I write them on the Information Superhighway (more on that later), then I miss out on using my lovely fountain pen. (My screen would get a bit messy if I tried to write with that here.) Any ideas? Would all you people that are not reading this anyway, want to read my morning pages? It would just be whatever comes to my head at the time, probably quite personal and kind of an inside job.

But the good news if I actually wrote them here would be that I would actually be using this blog, which the lovely people at Blogger keep sprucing up, and all for free, thanks to Google.

The thing that reads this page the most is either me when I check to see how measly my wee counter is doing, or Google web crawler. By the way, you'd think he'd have learnt to walk by now.

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