Tuesday 16 March 2010

Turning out the light in bed

Is what defines the life you lead:
The last thought in light[1]
Before you are left in the darkness
Of the recesses of your head.

Pledge allegiance to your latest loved one:
They don't know you do it
Nor that you can't
When you speak to them by day.

Daily ritual; or rehearsed argument:
Say the things you want to say
But never have the courage
Nor the wit to pull off.

Open your heart, express yourself,
Be honest, plain and true;
Be the person you want to be:
The one they fail to see.

Or unplug your care-free life,
Disconnected from the current.
Delve immediately into drowsy sleep
And ignore, once more, the open door,

The welcome waiting, watching, waiting,
Talking to you with silent eyes,
Silent sighs, silent lies
To himself and all the other fantasies
That he has dreamed up in waking sleep.

Charisma crush, wishful want,
Wont of company: to be,
But not to be, the thing it is
I know you see: the want of me.

[1] "The last word on today's news and sport, and the first on tomorrow's!"

[Tuesday 31 May 2002: after a day of not revision]

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