Tuesday 23 February 2010

The second drawer up from the bottom

Is where all the miscellaneous items congregate;
The categorical asylum seekers,
Too diverse to find their own faith;
Their own bulging, over-filled filing folder.

Even the most organised have one.
Sanctuary for the camera-shy lottery ticket of yesteryear
(When you still clasped hopeless hope),
Random paper clips, separated and abandoned,
With rusty tips where the bright plastic coating has worn away
To reveal a harsher, cankered core,

Grains of sugar you spilt but couldn't be bothered to clean up,
That candle stub you kept from the carol service -
Now broken and useless, but you never chuck it
'Cos you think it still has the potential
To rekindle.

Other wastage too:
Half-finished compilation tape
(You never could decide what to put after "Paint It Black"),
Frayed piece of string: too short for peanuts
But you now can't remember why you laid it by
(Someone must have tidied it away),
Packet of sunflower seeds,
Free with summer special -
Must look out that issue to re-read
"Top Ten Tips to Put Your Life in Order...Number One:
Empty out that drawer you always tell yourself you'll 'do'
Next weekend."

[May 2001]

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