Sunday 30 July 2006

Take the Money and Run (1969) - ickleReview (DVD)

Woody Allen film, still in his early mode, like Bananas (1971). This was the first Woody Allen I ever saw. I remember the chain gang but thought that came at the beginning rather than near the end.

Woody plays Virgil, a hopeless kid who's bullied and keeps getting his glasses trodden on. He grows up to be a petty criminal, but not a particularly good one. He's caught and imprisoned a couple of times for trying to rob a bank. He meets a girl whose purse he was trying to steal and falls in love.

The gags are mostly mildly amusing rather than laugh-out-loud funny. The best gag is when Woody tries to play the cello in a marching band.

Nugget: only for the serious Woody Allen fan. Not the best film to demonstrate his talents to the unconverted.

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